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Gared Basketball Hoop & Goal

When coaches and gym owners look to buy a basketball hoop that expresses quality, durability, and classic style, they look for a Gared basketball hoop and backboard. Since 1922, Gared has been providing quality sporting goods, which means that they have the industry experience to know exactly what a high-quality basketball hoop system requires. They offer excellent options in basketball goals for sale. At Quality Hoops, we offer products from a variety of brands, including Gared, that are specially vetted to be the perfect addition to your gym or court.

Why Choose Gared?

  • A variety of Gared backboard material options reveal that they can stand behind their durable products no matter the product’s make-up. Everything from glass to acrylic, polycarbonate to steel, Gared offers the options that will fit the needs of a variety of commercial and school gym uses, including outdoor courts.
  • Their playground systems are equipped to either have two back-to-back basketball hoops or one for a single court, making them customizable to save space and money when two goals can be mounted on a single system.
  • With options like heavy duty versus standard duty, portable basketball goals, adjustable arms, and more, Gared offers options that fit any indoor, outdoor, permanent and temporary basketball hoop needs.
  • With a quality reputation in other sporting goods as well, Gared can be trusted to have the hardware and extension arms you need to modify or support a Gared basketball goal no matter the location and unique needs of your court or gym.

With a Gared basketball hoop, a coach or gym owner can rest assured that they have made an investment that will last through many, many basketball seasons. Making an investment in a Gared basketball goal here at Quality Hoops is making an investment in the future of your basketball team or your gym’s basketball players. Contact us today for more information regarding our wide selection of basketball hoops for sale.