How long until my order ships?2018-10-12T13:41:30+00:00

Usually it takes 1-2 business days for processing. We try to be a quick as we can so that we can get your product out to as fast as we can.

Should I purchase an adjustable hoop or fixed height option?2018-10-12T13:41:48+00:00

When selecting this option take in consideration who is going to be using it. Think about the different age ranges who will be using the hoop and whether you will need the option to lower the goal. Also, consider if it will it be used by people of the same size and stature.

What kind of backboard should I use?2018-10-12T13:42:07+00:00

You have to ask yourself where you will be using this basketball goal at. If its outside, does it need to be vandal resistant? Then you may want an aluminum or steel backboard. How much are you willing to spend? Glass looks the best but it is the most expensive. Acrylic has the appearance of glass but is a less expensive option.

How much does weather play a part in backboard options?2018-10-12T13:42:29+00:00

Very little.

Can I purchase a residential unit for commercial purpose?2018-10-12T13:42:45+00:00

Yes, you can, however, take into consideration that some manufacturers will not warranty any goal that is labeled “residential” but used commercially.

Can I move my unit?2018-10-12T13:43:06+00:00

In most cases, yes, but this will depend on the unit.

What are your hours of operation at Quality Hoops?2018-10-12T13:43:27+00:00

Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM Central Time.